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Played it. Like the 2-step cause and effect progression.

Thank you and have a good one.


This is such an adorable game i loved every second of it!

I really loved this! Is there any way for me to be able to contact you for a maybe-kinda-cool thing?


Wow, Shenzhen is my hometown! Can't wait to play this.



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Wow game man, loved the graphics..

Good game.

Good going....


G3 Rule of mine



i love the art style

I think the game breaks if you click different things too fast but it's very relaxing and fun discovering the descripted culture.

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So cute and relaxing, like the art style :)

A lovely game with fun locations to explore and great little details! I think my copy had a glitch however, no matter where I clicked on the fish boxes I could not get 'speedy hands.' Other than that a great game! 

The fish part has a little bug that I need to fix... so sorry for that! Thanks for playing my game :D 

very very nice, played it on sunday 

Very cute, though I was somewhat frustrated by the feeling that I was just randomly clicking places to get results. Loved the immersion into the daily life in Shenzhen!

Its good alright game

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cool game tho :)

how de we make these game b

so cute! short game, but fun. i love how lively it is with the characters and events that happen


Excellent! It's a bit similar to Hidden Folks, with a chinese flavour. I want a full game now!



i am got gonna we city Shenzhen, China. So can't much-

im gonna play this game :)


I made a video about the game :D

This was really helpful and adorable. It's what helped me decide if I should give it a try. Thanks!


Welcome. I like the game too  :D

It's Great! So full of life!

I judged the game by hearing it had puzzles but I regret not playing it sooner. 

I'm glad I played now tho because it really made me smile. :]


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is quite original and interesting.

-Visually the game is pretty awesome and quite eyecatching.

-The gameplay mechanics work great ang give the game a "puzzle twist" interesting ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Love the game! Shows the folk life of some parts of Shenzhen, and the puzzle elements are interesting too. That Huaqiangbei part is my favorite! It will be nice if you can add Chinese language support! 

Also there is a small bug in Baishizhou scene. Sometimes you click the fish box won't have any effect.


What a lovely game! It just shows the real life in Shenzhen which I'm familiar with. I wonder if I can make videos of it? I'll post them in to let more people know about it <3  


Yes! Mr.s sium17 ,you can make videos. Thank you so much for sharing the game. ^ 0^/



it show the real city.

 cool game! I like it


cute <3


I have never liked point and clicks until this game. Amazing. But, just in case, you could draw player's attention by adding a little bit more details to the interactive objects, so just the they could outstand from the scene a liiiiitle bit more. With love!

Thanks for your comment, and the feedback! Is really helpful for me to improve the next version. Thank you! 


such a cute game!


Incredible art!



very cool

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this is a very unique and interesting game. hope you can create more similar ones to let people know the kind and beautiful Chinese culture, not those (western) fake news against China. 

Really cute good game!!!!

this was super cool and super charming

Love the little sculpture of Guanyin!

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